Cumpărături este locul unde se pot achiziţiona pentru fermă. Fermierii pot cumpăra orice ce poate fi cumpărat de la piaţă, dar obiectele cadou nu pot fi cumpărate. Cumpărăturile pot fi achiziţionate cu ajutorul monedelor sau cu ajutorul banilor.

The market has 7 tabs each with a different kind of product in. The tabs are:

Seeds Edit

The seeds tab contains crops that may be planted in the earth. The seeds tab is also divided into tabs, which are:

  • All - a list of all seeds
  • Fruits - a list of any fruit that can be planted in the ground
  • Vegetables - a list of any vegetables that can be planted in the ground
  • Flowers - a list of all Flowers
  • Grains - a list of all grains, such as wheat or rice

Trees Edit

The trees tab contains trees, which are planted on their own and remain permanently (unless removed). There is no tab in the trees tab.

Animals Edit

The Animals tab contains animals, which can be bought for cash or Coins; they can be harvested to give coins. Different animals can be harvested after different periods of time. For example, the cow can be harvested multiple times a day, whereas the rabbit may only be harvested daily.

There are two tabs in the animals tab:

  • All (regular and exclusive animals)
  • Pets

Buildings Edit

The building tab contains solid structures. It is divided into tabs, which are:

  • All - a list of all buildings
  • Homes - a list of buildings that could be lived in
  • Storage - a list of any buildings that will increase a farmer's Storage capacity
  • For Animals - a list of any buildings that assist a farmer in rearing their Animals
  • Other - a list of any buildings that do not fall under any other ta

Decorations Edit

The Decorations tab contains any items that exist to make the farm look more attractive. The Decorations tab is divided into further tabs, which are:

  • All - a list of all decorations
  • Flags - a list of all flags available
  • Scare Crows - a list of all available Scarecrows
  • Hay Bales - a list of all Hay Bales that may be purchased
  • Topiaries - a list of all Topiaries, which are decorative hedges
  • Other - a list of any Decorations that does not fit on the categories above

Upgrade Farm Edit

The Upgrade Farm tab gives Farmers a chance to make their Farm bigger. With enough Neighbors, this can be bought with coins. Otherwise, FarmVille cash must be used. The Upgrade Farm tab also contains different landscapes (for example, the Snow Blanket). The Upgrade Farm category also contains Unwithers, Farmhands and Arborists.

Vehicles Edit

The Vehicles tab lets farmers buy Vehicles to assist them with farming. There is also a chance to buy fuel refills for farm cash, instead of having to wait for fuel to regenerate slowly.


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